Pop Art from Photos, Collages, on Canvas & Photo Gifts :

Best gift idea: a personalised Pop Art Portrait from a photo

Personal Art offers a matchless way to preserve memories, add colour and create indelible impressions for a special gift occasion or for your home decor. Through the unique medium of pop art, your photographs are transformed into treasured pieces. Inspired by legendary Pop-Art and Street Art artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, Banksy and the likes, we bring a range of designs in a riot of colours.

And that is not all. Each of our designs can be printed on diverse surfaces. You can thus print images on canvas, posters, ceramic, wood, plastic and even natural slate. Through this service, we help customers to create personalised objects that are in theme. So if you are planning your room’s décor, perhaps you can theme it with the diverse aspects of pop art.

Our range offers exciting options for matchless outstanding gifts. So, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or wedding, a carreer milestaone or educational achievement, or Christmas, we have a special gift that can be made to suit each occasion. Suitable across genders and age groups, the Personal Art range of artwork is the best choice each time, for all occasions.

Each piece of art created with us is unique. We never use artificial filters. Each image is hand made on digital tablets. And the final printing on canvas or poster is done only after your consent. Instead of one artist, we have a collective team of painters, illustrators, graphic designers and digital artists who work at the same studio to create high visual impact artwork.

We invite you to browse through the Art Shop for our extensive range of personalised pop art styles. You can also choose to select a special gift from the Gift Shop or if you are in a hurry, pick up one of our personalised gift certificates.


Art Shop

Fun Caricature

Personalised Caricature from your own photo. An easy way to make anybody happy with a surprising gift.
  patch collage

Patch Collage Pop Art

A fantastic Collage Portraits Variation, from Personal-Art

Classic Pop Art

Classic PopArt Portrait

Inspired by Andy Warhol, this classic style of pop art will turn your photographs into bright coloured portraits. Check out the styles and substyles.


Photo Collage PopArt

Insert pictures of friends, family or colleagues or keep this as a personal collage of memories. Inspired by Warhol’s collages, display your pictures, through this masterpiece..

Sketch Portrait

Personalised Sketch Portrait

Drawn by hand on graphic pads, just like drawn by hand on anything. The skills of the artist, combined with the style rules and your photo will lead to the best kind of sketch portrait one can make in this artistic style.
 bilal style

Personal Bilal

How good is life as a hero in a science-fiction comic? Find it out and let you create an authentic comic Enki Bilal in style on your own photo.

Street Art Portrait

Street Art Portrait

Bring home the unseen street artists, and give them canvas space instead of walls. Have portraits of your loved ones in this amazing style.


Lichtenstein-Style Portrait

The advertising-comic style of Lichtenstein can lend to awesome portraits. Mark your presence with thick lines and bold colours.


Monochrome Portrait

Black and white is never boring. And our ranges of monochromes go the length to prove just that. Check out our classy range and you will agree with us too.


Propaganda Portrait

Chinese and Soviet propaganda pictures have an undying style, that has remained even after the propaganda days are over. Bring it home and personalise it.

Contemporary Serigraph

Serigraph Style

A very contemporary style of portraits, a pure creation of  Personal-Art Studio.



Bold yet discreet, silhouettes iMage are striking. Get one personalised just for yourself from our interesting range.


Personal Polygones

Personal Polygones - WPAP style from Personal-Art, inspired by a world famous Indonesian artist.
 Mondrian Photo Collage

Mondrian Photo Collage

Get a Piece of Art made with your photos, in the famous remarkable style of Pete Mondrian.

Scanner Darkly

Scanner Darkly Portrait

Inspired by the cult film, these portraits are mesmerizing, unusual and interesting. Check out our range and you will love it.


Obama Campaign Portrait

You need not run for a presidential campaign to obtain this. Inspired by Obama’s legendary Hope campaign, we personalise the experience with your photographs..


Ultrasound Art Portrait

If you thought that ultrasound was all about science, then think again. We bring it to the arts to create lasting memories with the first pictures of your unborn.


Delftware Portrait

If someone tells you delftware is just for pottery, bring them to us. We bring this Dutch style to your picture on canvas, and it looks breathtaking.