Delftware Portrait

Though delftware is not exactly pop art, the designers at Personal Art have extended its creativity to the medium of canvas too. The look of this form of art is traditional, classic and timeless. Using the ubiquitous colours of blue and white, this form of art is slowly gaining popularity not just on canvas, but also on a range of other media.

Click on the images below to view samples and make your portrait in that style.
Delftware originated as a ceramic art form in Delft, Netherlands. It comprised of a white glaze on pottery on to which metal oxides were applied and cobalt to ultramarine blues were used to create a range of prints. Usually done up in pleasant scenes of flowers or windmills, we can personalize the experience for you by adding your portrait too in the delftware style.

Our experts have managed to take the art form of pottery on to the canvas. In order to keep the feel original, we focus mainly on the usage of cobalt blues. Your portrait is brought down to the main defining lines and is adapted to the Delftware style. It is then placed within a Delftware background or with a relevant motif, giving it the look and feel of an original creation.