The inspiration for this pop art form came from Apple’s advertising campaign for the iPod. Featuring Eminem, with a white microphone and traditional silhouette dancers with white iPods, the dynamic campaign gave us a creative boost to take the concept on to the static medium of canvas.

Click on the images below to view samples and make your portrait in that style.
Our team worked day and night, and finally achieved the look we all worked for. The solid silhouette of the iPod campaign gave way to a more varied one at Personal Art. Instead of keeping it totally dark, we used combinations that could give an idea about the facial features of the person.

The silhouette pictures at Personal Art offer both class and style. Usually created as a dark image on a brighter background, these images are ideal portraits when you want to showcase the creative side of your action photographs. If you desire, artists can also highlight your face, while retaining the basic elements of the silhouette.