Obama Campaign Portrait

Hope. Progress. Change. The presidency campaign posters of Obama brought out an iconic style, and gave pop art a new direction for progress. Inspired by the style of the campaign posters, we at Personal Art designed a series of these with classic and creative adaptations. The portraits are stylized in stencil and make heavy use of the flag’s colours of solid red and dark blue.

Click on the images below to view samples and make your portrait in that style.
Each time one thinks of the Obama campaign, the first thing that comes to mind are the HOPE posters. Designed by Shepherd Fairey, a political pop artist, the stenciled portrait was designed in the short span of one unbelievable day. The image symbolized social realism and created a design that broke barriers in terms of colour, style, message and tone.

Our Obama campaign portraits also use stylized stenciling and the typical colour palette. To suit requirements, we have also adapted the posters to a creative personal variation. We invite you to check out the adapted range of romantic pictures on the site.