Propaganda Portrait

“An effective piece of propaganda is often also a striking piece of art”. Propaganda portraits comprise of visual imagery used by political icons of the bygone era to promote themselves as sharp leaders. Though now largely replaced by a different style, propaganda portraits of the yesteryears have remained a striking sample of contemporary pop art. If you too would like to show the political side of your persona, then we have a range of propaganda portraits just for you. Done up in classic styles, using a set base of colours, these are a feast for the soul.

Click on the images below to view samples and make your portrait in that style.

The soviet propaganda portraits are a great way to showcase the heroic side of you. With a range of characters to choose from, you can be a part of heroic realism of the Lenin era to socialist realism.

Chairman Mao shines everywhere in the Chinese propaganda portraits, as a great leader, teacher and supreme commander. As you can see, these portraits show the different faces of what a leader should be. Also note the usage of bright red, a color that symbolizes power and leadership, and is used popularly in these portraits.

Our artists can help you to create your very own personal propaganda portrait. Just by replacing the face of the characters with yours, you can have your very own propaganda portraits. And people may ask you, what country did you lead?