Scanner Darkly Portrait

‘Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation and a pinch of creativity.’ Such was our zeal when we first saw the effects created in the cult film ‘A Scanner Darkly’. Totally motivated to recreate it on canvas, our team utilized unusual techniques and after nine months of perfecting it, created this style of art.

Click on the images below to view samples and make your portrait in that style.
‘A Scanner Darkly’ is one of the best cult films of its times. The storyline of this anti-utopian film talks about a repressed futuristic society. What impressed our graphic designers most, is the quality and surreal look of images in the film. The movie was shot normally, and given over to the animators for 15 months of processing. The technique of interpolated rotoscoping was used to create the style of the graphics. The animation involved tracing over the film frame by frame, using vector keyframes and automatically interpolating in-between frames.

Inspired by the visuals, our artists too got busy trying to replicate its effects on canvas. After months of perfecting it, we managed to create a wonderful replica, rich on quality and style. The images created came out to be novel, inspiring and different. The style uses a heady mix of heavy black lines and solid colour shapes. You can select from our range of ready made backgrounds or customize one just for yourself. Also we suggest the usage of a large landscape size canvas here, so you can get the actual feel of the portrait.