Street Art

If pictures speak a thousand words, our Street Art speaks a million. Inspired by Pop Art revolutionaries like Banksy and Blek Le Rat; our Graffiti style and Stencil Style are highly popular. Click through our samples to find something you like.

Click on the images below to view samples and make your portrait in that style.

The Graffiti style uses a mix of painting techniques and messages. This art form is noted for its bold and unconventional style often in unexpected locations. Banksy, an England based graffiti artist is a well known figure of this art form, with his satirical graffiti art showcasing on many public surfaces. While our graffiti artists keep the locations on to the canvas, you can choose from the range of unconventional styles to pick up something you like.

Stencil art on the other hand, uses stencils that are either hand drawn or printed on to sheets before being cut out. Paint is then applied on to the cut stencil to print images. Often artists also use multiple stencils to achieve multiple colors or depth in image. The stencil style started over 25 years ago with Blek Le Rat at the helm of the movement. Often considered to be the Godfather of stencil art, his work shows great influence of the graffiti artists of New York. The work of Banksy also relies highly on usage of stencils, which he used as elements in his freehand pieces too.